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Screened Sand in Aubrey, Texas

Find the screened sand, gravel, or fill that you need for your construction project. Frank Bartel Transportation in Aubrey, Texas, delivers dirt and sand all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Construction Site, Screened Sand in Aubrey, TX

B & B Sand Pit

Get just what you are looking for. We operate B & B Sand Pit and have a concrete plant. We also own our own trucking side where we transport a wide variety of construction materials, including:

• Rock
• Gravel
• Concrete
• Select Fill
• Screened Sand
• Screened Topsoil
• Baseball Diamond Clay

Perfect for Any Job

Our products are perfect for a wide variety of contractors. They have been used in:

• Paving • Plumbing • State Bids • Home Construction

Contact Frank Bartel Transportation in Aubrey, Texas, to find out more about our construction fill and trucking services.